About Me

Hello!! My name is Joey. I am a husband to a crazy beautiful wife and father to four wonderful children.
I teach 7th grade English. I freelance for the local newspaper (The Dickson Herald). I also umpire here and there.
I took an unconventional route to getting a degree and starting a career. I decided to let life smack me in the face, gut, and scrotum for 12 years before getting my act together. But the wait allowed me to grow up and I have a greater appreciation for life, education, and hard work.
I have always liked the writing process–I own more books on writing than any other genre. I chalk it up to being a life-long learner. I hope to start using this blog the way I meant to when I created it a few years ago. I will not put strictures on what I write here. I am just going to write.
Enjoy!! And by all means, comment.


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