Purpose and Meaning to Achieve

It’s a new year! Everyone has their resolutions set and in full swing. I have a few myself. Some of them are the usual for everyone such as eating better, be more active (working out, get back in shape), be more organized, etc.
If I am honest, I really have a huge list. A result of putting off and procrastinating. I hope to implement them throughout the year. A couple of those include reading more (with a purpose and meaning), write more (with a purpose and meaning), and reflect more (with a purpose and meaning).
Of course the key is to do all these things with a purpose and meaning. Without a purpose, what’s the point. Without meaning, it will not ever be personal and therefore easier for me to procrastinate over it. And I have found that if I procrastinate over things, then they will start bogging down all my other daily routines and I will never get going on anything unless I take care of the others first.
The old “don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what can be done today” kind of thing.
Everything rests on this one thing. If I just do what I need and want to do right then, then everything else on the list will get done.
I put that into practice back in the summer when we were moving into a new house. There was a lot of work and even when we moved in, there was still a lot of work. I made everything a priority. It was very important that we moved in when we had planned to move in. And in order for that to happen, I had to prioritize everyday and stick to it. I gave everything a purpose. And because of that, I was able to get things done.
Giving it a purpose makes it a priority.
Don’t just work out to look good. Work out because you are in a battle with age and you need to counter the process. Don’t just eat better to lose weight. Eat better to counter diabetes and other health issues that are caused by unhealthy eating. Looking and feeling better need to be the bonus not the reason.
I know I’ll stick to most of my resolutions this year because they have a purpose and meaning in my life already. Writing this morning with my first (second and third) cup of coffee is a priority and it’s working.
Here’s to a year of opportunity, good surprises, and lots of love…because it’s a priority.
But first…more coffee.


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