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As I sit here past my bedtime, I can’t help but feel satisfied with some of my decisions lately. I resigned from teaching to help my father with his business and things are going pretty good there. Although I miss the classroom dearly, I am making better money and have more time to my family. Can’t ask for much more than that. 

I was really scared about this decision because I would be giving up money that would be in the bank every 20th day of the each month (though not very much money. But I didn’t get into teaching for the money). With my father’s business comes uncertainty. It’s dependent on weather, and a good building economy. Which, besides the afternoon showers and the humidity, has not been too bad. I’ve made pretty good money over the last two months and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down…knock on wood. 

The best part is the time with family. People don’t realize the amount of time teachers put into their work. It’s a 60-70 hour work week minimum. I am not joking. It’s tough tackling the multiple responsibilities of a teacher and then come home and take on the responsibilities of a father with 4 children (and all the kids are in completely different parts in their lives). 

It’s been a tough transition, but one that has been worth it so far. And I know I will eventually be a teacher again. It may be a couple years down the road, but I’ll be back in the classroom. I do love to teach. 

I need a cup of coffee. Or maybe just go to bed so morning will come on and then I can have my cup…   😉


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