Weird thoughts

As I was driving in to work this morning, my mind drifted to “The Jetsons.” Don’t ask me why. It just happened. While thinking of that wonderful and often forgotten cartoon from my childhood, I started thinking of why were their cities built above the ground? I don’t ever remember an episode where the ground in which their homes and businesses were built on was shown. Was it not livable? Or is that where they sent prisoners to “Narfel the Garfunk?”(a la Coneheads).
I also couldn’t think of a single a single character with a beard, which is sad. I believe Mr. Spacely had a stache, but that was it.
I don’t know, but this unknown bit of information bothered me this morning. I believe I’ll be looking it up when I get a chance.
In the meantime if you know the answer to my question, feel free to send it my way. Thank you. And as always #beardup!


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