Beards and Coffee!


Coffee keeps you warm even in an icestorm!

Today, while I was having my morning cup (pot) of coffee, I realized something. A sort of epiphany! (It’s more of a random thought, but epiphany sounds better)

Beards are warm and inviting, yet very manly.

Coffee is warm and inviting, yet very manly. <— that is if you drink it black because any other way makes it sweet and weak and less manly.

Thus Beards and Black Coffee compliment one another very well.

Yea…I smiled after the thought.

The reason for this out of no where epiphany is that I’ve been growing a beard now for about 2 months. I love it. I have a greater sense of confidence with it. I like grooming it too. I love how it feels and smells when I’m grooming it. It may seem weird to some and I’m betting that those who think it weird, do not have a beard. I’m sad for you if you’re a guy and that’s the case. My advice to you is to be a man and grow one then judge. However, if you did decide to grow one, I’m sure you’d get the same feelings for it that all of us have that sport one.

What things do you think compliment one another?

Have a great rest of the day and may your next cup of coffee be eye-opening!


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