Snow Days

It has snowed overnight here in Middle Tennessee and a lot of schools are out on a snow day. I remember looking forward to those snow days when I was in school. The excitement and tension building up until I saw the name of my county scrolling across the bottom of the screen. And after going back to bed for another hour or so, I remember getting dressed as warm as possible and heading out to the wonderland that would more than likely only last a few hours or at the most one day. I get to watch my kids nowadays act the same way. It’s still exciting, only for a different reason.

I start teaching in January and can’t be more excited. So this morning watching the news instead of being overjoyed, I started thinking of how lesson plans were going to back up and what might need to be trimmed from other lessons in order to get back on track. I can’t help but think it must be bitter sweet to most teachers. Especially those new teachers that do not have the experience behind them in dealing with snow days. They are probably happy for the first few hours and then the realization of having to adjust plans adds a little stress to that relaxing morning.

To all those teachers out there on a snow day today, enjoy it! Kick back for a few hours and take your mind away from the classroom and put it on more important and more neglected things in your life. Enjoy your day off!


3 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. I hope you’re enjoying it yourself! Imagine what you would be doing at this very moment if school were in session, how up and active you would be, how fast you would have to think! My goodness! This is a day for couches and out-of-window staring. Enjoy!

    • I am enjoying myself, thank you. Of course, right now I am just observing the students I will be teaching in January, so I kind of hate missing the opportunity to get to know them. However, I know how to take advantage of a day off. I started on the couch with coffee, then baked blueberry biscuits, and sweet-heat cornbread (which were just okay; needed more brown sugar). Who knows what’s next? Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am dreading the thought of snow hitting here this winter, since as you say, i can ill-afford to miss lessons with my students, though a couple of days curled up in front of the fire would make some recompense.

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