What’s been happening

I have been extremely busy (for my standards; which are stretching) over the past couple of months. The fall semester started. I am taking three Lit courses and expository writing. I was only supposed to have two Lit courses but an online class that I’ve been taking through LSU ended up being more involved than expected.

I am writing all the time now it seems. But that is not a bad thing. I enjoy it. And I can tell I’m getting better at it. I am able to focus and get started quicker than I used to. And the length of certain assignments do not phase me like they used to. I don’t pay attention to word count or pages. I just write until I feel I covered the topic with enough information.

I may be working for my local newspaper in the next month. I spoke with a very nice reporter there and she told me some of the things they would like to see in the paper. I hope to talk to another staff writer this week and maybe even the editor. Until then, I’m researching some ideas for articles that could be printed for certain places in the paper where they lack information, as explained to me by that nice reporter woman.


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