Beat Procrastination 6 Ways

Beat Procrastination, 6 ways


We all procrastinate. Don’t say you don’t or have never, because we all know at some point, or in my case a lot of points, we sit down flip open the laptop and surf through the barrage of social networks or turn on the tv and cruise through just about every channel we pay for on satellite.

And that laundry room that’s overflowing with clothes, or that sink full of dishes, or that lawn that’s starting to look more like a hay field sits in waiting because you just can’t make yourself start.

Just like any type of writing or exercise routine, starting is the hardest part.

I might be the guiltiest out of any one around when it comes to procrastination. (Just ask my wife)

Yep, yep. That’d be me. I’m mostly a house hubby. I am a full-time student and I work construction when work is there. But my main title starts with stay-at-home. I enjoy it. But I tend to let the house go at times. And with four children, that just can’t happen.

So I’ve been working on a list.

A list that will beat the procrastination bug, disease, virus, syndrome, disorder … you get my point. A list to vault myself (and others like me) into action.

This list could, obviously go on and on and on, so I’m just going to name off a few that sound really good to me.

Oh yea, this is not a tried and true list.

I’m just now creating it. You can probably say I’m procrastinating right now by making it. You’d probably be right. (My wife would agree)

Here we go:

1. Get up and move!

That’s right! Simple as that. Just start already. If it’s laundry, start by picking up the clothes in the floor of the bathroom. Oh, your family uses baskets? Well then, take the baskets to the laundry room. If it’s mowing the yard, start by cleaning the yard; pick up those things that you don’t need to run over. In my case, it’s toys. The point is, just get moving.

2. Be an early bird.

The earlier in the day you start the better chance you have of finishing. In my case, I love the early mornings. So it’s easy for me to get up and get going. And in this house, getting up first is the most peaceful part of my day. But you don’t have to get up early, just start early in your day. If you normally wake up and noon, then by all means, start at noon. Just don’t give yourself a chance to think of other things to do besides what you need to do.

3. Start small.

Just like Mel Gibson told his son in the movie The Patriot, “Aim small, miss small.” Set your sights on one of the smaller tasks you have. Finishing something quickly will build confidence and get the juices flowing in the right direction. Hopefully. Knock out the small stuff and build up to the bigger jobs.

4. Make a list

Obvious, right? Well, then do it! Remember to start small. Maybe even set time blocks for certain things. That may help with motivation, like beating the clock and winning a prize, i.e. a 5 minute break, or ice cream, or just a pat on the back because it’s just you and the clock. But don’t force yourself to stick to those times if the job’s not done.

5. Don’t strive for perfection.

Seriously, if you (or I) were perfect we wouldn’t procrastinate or make lists about how not to procrastinate. Just get the job done, start to finish. Of course, don’t half-ass the job either. Common sense, use it.

6. Most importantly, make a playlist!

I mean how can you start if you don’t have the best intro song going at the same time? Make a list that’s roughly an hour long. Come on, that’s not too much. You know you’re going to repeat a few of those and you need a good variety. Just don’t get caught up in your own “best concert ever” in your living room, there’s still work to be done.


I think I’ll stop the list here. That should be enough for anyone to get up and going. Plus, I’ve given you a few more things to procrastinate on. I mean you need to make that list and get the soundtrack ready. That should take most of the day. I’m going to do that and probably get started tomorrow … early.


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